WL//WH Video Of The Day: CARLOS COMPSON “El Valle De Los Muertos” (Official Video)

Video of the Day  Carlos Compson 

A prominent representative of the Peruvian dark scene, Lima-based musician, producer, and composer Carlos Compson deftly blends vibrant melodic Indie Rock with moody Post-punk sensibilities, combined with a particular audiovisual perspective on the symbolism and culture of death in Mexico.

The South American artist has shared a DIY Official Video for “El Valle de los Muertos”, the fourth song on the 2023 10-track studio album “Espuria.”

“El Valle de los Muertos” compels driving drum beats, prowling bass lines, obsessive abrasive jagged guitar riffs and nostalgic synth melodies, to sway with vibrant chaotic fuzzy mists around stern baritone, and restless emotional vocals, letting go of the fear and silence held deep within.

Directed by David Macedo, the film captures the unique essence of Carlos Compson’s music, fusing the visual with the auditory, a translation of energetic coincidences between sound and the mysticism of a globally iconic place.

On the busy city streets of Mexico, where beautiful architectures, gardens, and unique urban charms reside, an engaging performance by Carlos Compson and crew syncs with the contemplation of the soundtrack. Introspective coloring by Daniel Carcelen fuses a dim, surreal tone with spiritual and archetypal imagery to give the viewers a native cultural perception of death in Mexico.

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