WL//WH Video Of The Day: CARLOS COMPSON “Balsamina”

Video Of The Day  Carlos Compson 

Lima-based Peruvian dynamic Goth Rocker Carlos Compson returns with a mind-bending video, created by David Macedo, for the Dark Alternative Rock track, “Balsamina”, taken from Carlos Compson‘s latest album “El Intermediario.”

Feelings of anguish and despair. A very well assembled and designed performance, representing intrinsic conflicts that could take you to the extreme of the unpredictable. In this audiovisual production, Compson shows us a histrionic and Machiavellian attitude of the character, facing multiple personalities who seek unknown places.

An ambush of energetic, ringing and restless guitar riffs weave anxious tragedies around steady, heart-thumping beats, low foreboding bass lines, and eerie, droning icy bright synth strains to elaborate on the powerful evocative Spanish speaking male vocal’s ferocious emotional energies, rising and falling at the will of invisible frequencies to fall headfirst into a tumultuous aural tide of certain doom.

Defiant lyrics seek solace and trauma using dramatic metaphors and lucid dream-like sequences, taunting the subconscious shadow-self into a latent state of hypnosis where revenge, heartache, and burning passions brood and ignite.

Cinematic video stirs suspense, danger, and psychological thrills into an adrenaline-fueled rush of unexplored persuasions. Sinister make-up, daring attire, and wicked acting skills extract secret fears and unchained desires against a wild and brutal natural backdrop where menace lurks at every turn. Sentient gusts of relentless icy-hot sufferings enrapture a cloned identity by alternating a demonic bonfire performance with cold raging river water struggles to set the stage for an edge of your seat standoff where the only thing to fear is lurking inner demons. Hypnotic hands compel untamed flames to dance enigmatic around haunted imagery, hiding traumatic pain within splintered personalities, whilst primal egos swell beneath the subconscious surface of ancient archetypes to loop eternally in dangerous simmering unrest.

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