WL//WH Video Of The Day: CAPUT MEDUSAE “I Wear Black ‘Til I’m Dead” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day Caput Medusae 

Caput Medusae, the German Dark Wave duo of Tina Mar & Stefan Scott have shared the Official Video, by Ramzi (director) and Konrad Schlaich (producer), for the title track, “I Wear Black ‘Til I’m Dead”,  included in last January’s 2-track EP/single, we featured here, as an electrifying build up to the band’s long anticipated debut full-length album, “You Can’t Negotiate With Zombies”, scheduled for release July 5, 2024.

Caput Medusae’s long-awaited debut album “You Can’t Negotiate With Zombies” is a representation of its time, showcasing the experimental dynamics of post-punk and dark wave grounded in more conventional ’00s riffs. It is a collection of post-punk and eerie electro-wave with flashes of brilliance.

Musically the song envelops in warm forlorn organ-like swelling flows, crispy knocking percussive patterns and menacing sonorous rolling bass lines relentlessly punctuating an eerie phantasmagorical array of persistent flashy pulsing synth riffs, along with buzzing and croaking dissonant uncanny frequencies, churning and fluttering around whispery romantic baritones, interspersed with obsessive spoken words, to release endless adoration into an alluring dark and moody soundscape.

The cinematic visuals, shot in Berlin, Nov. 2023, by Ramzi Hibri (director) and Konrad Schlaich (producer), whose work can be seen in popular videos such as Slowdive-Kisses, Idles-Gift Horse and Depeche Mode-People are Good, star Maria Bai and Rhys Williams as a pair of Gothic city dwellers whose night on the town, eventually lends aid to catharsis. Bai’s emotionless face and William’s unhinged anger amid an array of urban settings such as an underground party scene and a huge empty public library brings a sense of welcomed dark humor to the plot whilst strobing dancefloors and a beautiful snow-falling nocturnal street scene remind us why we share the epic sentiment, I Wear Black Til I’m Dead.”

Caput Medusae’s debut album, “You Can’t Negotiate With Zombies”, will be available on Vinyl /Digipak CD /Cassette and Digital on July 5, 2024. On Pre-order via the band’s Bandcamp.

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