WL//WH Video Of The Day: CAPUT MEDUSAE “Deus Ex Machina”

Video Of The Day Caput Medusae 

Germany based, European Darkwavers Tina Mar (vox, guitar, bass) and Stefan Scott (vox, keyboards), AKA Caput Medusae, drop a transhuman music video, by Manuel Linke, for “Deus Ex Machina”, the A-side from their latest double-sided 12″ ‘white’ vinyl 2-tracker single paired with the dark trap-wave dance track “Screamdance” on the flip.

Confessional lyrics depict an intimate awakening from roboticism to humanism through a lens of fear, shame, and remorse.

The cyber sentimental “Deus Ex Machina” injects ominous clanking dimensions to bridge parallel timelines betwixt low, organic, pulsing bass lines, pounding drum beats, intermittent evocative shredding guitar melodies, and shivering frenetic synth strains, bathed in dramatic warm blankets, rising and falling in distorted doomy riffs, wrenching vibrant leads and swaying cadences, amid haunted baritone vocals breathing immersive broods into the shifting spirals of atmospheric destiny.

A surreal video shot on location in the Alpine Foothills, by Manuel Linke, captures the fateful day in October 2145 when the Droid 2-1-2-4-7 was born to commence the long-awaited technological singularity of a man with machine. Unnatural hues hang in the winds of perception to form an intoxicating sci-fi realm of lost dreams as an artificial intelligence being awakens to consciousness under a hypnotic spell of replication. Soul-stirring auras pull at the heartstrings whilst sentience extracts disbelief, joy, and tears from the electric heart of an android to evoke textures of isolation, abandonment, and confusion within a heady emotional visual introspection of a not so far away galaxy.

The Ltd. Edition double-sided 12″ Vinyl of Caput Medusae “Deus Ex Machina” is scheduled to be finally released within a month’s time. 

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