WL//WH Video Of The Day: CAPITOL “Never Been To Paris”

Video Of The Day Capitol

Capitol is a genre-bending indie rock 5-piece from Hamilton, Ontario, consisting of Josh Kemp (Vocals), RJ Kemp (Guitar/Vocals), Wes Lintott (Guitar/Vocals), Matt Lintott (Drums) and Chris Mclaughlin (Bass), on the verge of unleashing their debut 9-track album “Dream Noise” due out October 25, 2019, Vinyl and Digital (+2 bonus tracks), via Meritorio Records (EU) & Kingfisher Bluez Records (CAN), preceded by the official music video for the new single “Never Been To Paris”.

The new song once again brews up a heady and unpredictable concoction of genres mixing noisy guitar rock distortions, dream-pop atmospherics, hypnotic krautrock rhythms and post-punk brooding intensity in a frantic burst of energy and drive, peppered with infectious melodic qualities.

Relentless energy bashes out a solid, dynamic sound as tight rapid drum beats steady open-fire into the expanding drone alarm perimeter disintegrated by the resonant abrasive outflow of chugging basslines, wickedly limber throttle. Soaring guitar needlings bleed glistening strings of sharp post-punk melodicism allowing fearful, brooding and nervous male vocals to seek strength and find absolution in the warm swelling atmospherics of synth.

Impassioned poetic lyrics paint a painfully honest portrait of a man struggling with addiction and the immense internal battle that occurs at the pivotal moment of change. Vivid alliterative words describe insane feelings, thoughts and emotions manifested by the dependency and the furious build into obsession, where temptations turn to evil whispers as the body achingly yearns for relief. Significantly, the title “I’ve never been to Paris” drives the message home; he may not be well-traveled, but he is knowledgeable in this area.

A mysterious dramatic interpretation, directed by Black Lake, shot on location in Hamilton, Ontario, uses the stark contrast found in B & W film to represent an extreme internal conflict set against the backdrop of a cold cloudy night illuminated in the faint yellow glow of gas lamps with a dark sinister cityscape looming nearby. Screen size subtitles play credits and lyrics for the chorus while a man walks the city streets, his expression changes from anger to doubt before getting lost in a fuzzy state of uncertainty. As defeat closes in a look toward the sky shines light causing his tense posture to relax before dancing away in newfound freedom.

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