WL//WH Video of the Day : CAPCAP…CAP “Pieces”

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Founded in August 2010 in Eindhoven, Netherlands four piece capcap…cap, began to blend “post punk, trip hop and industrial into one. In drawn-out compositions, the listener is taken on an audiovisual trip, supported by dark synths, driving drums, repetitive guitar riffs and layered vocals. Think Sonic Youth, The Soft Moon, The Sound, Savages. “

Comprised of Lydia Roos – Vocals, guitar, synths; Job Huberts – Guitar, samples; Thijs Meulendijks – Bass, synths, samples, and Thijs Brok – Drums, samples, their first release was in  2011 with a five track “demo” followed up with numerous singles and albums culminating in January of 2018’s “Mobius, Pt 1: Low Key.”

Today the video for the titled track “Pieces” from the new 5-track EP “Mobius, Pt 2: Pieces” is out revealing a refined, complex, well rounded maturity of sight and sound.

Sharp reverberated guitar strums as drone and synths pulse and rise in intense urgency. Clear, remote detached vocals speak in emotionless fear. Flashing, echoing drums and guitars momentarily overwhelm her voice making it distant and suppressed. Martial repetitive drums are subdued by a strong intense voice bursting with emotion only to be subdued by dramatic vibrating guitar, ominous synths, and clashing drum beats. Turning her resolute declaration into pleading moans of agony underneath the pulsing synth, strained suffering and searing guitar distortions, and final drum cadence of a slow dying heartbeat.

A song about isolation, searching, and fear. Stranded and alone in a dark “no man’s land,” a woman searches her heart and soul and finds we are all pieces of something greater than ourselves. Vigilant and guarded she travels through the darkness into, “deeper lights,” only to find more wasted secrets and fallen pieces. A short-lived freedom of expression, strength, and belonging reverts to suppression, torment, and reclusion.

The accompanied video takes us on a journey through beautiful vast city-scapes, landscapes, and seascapes portraying the many pieces tied together, some united, others searching, a few lost. A quick rewind at the end adds an intrigue and mystery that leaves more questions than answers.

A deeply profound examination of life using an excellent balance and symbiosis between instrumentation, vocals, and video. 

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