WL//WH Video Of The Day: CAMLANN “1983”

Video Of The Day Camlann 

Camlann is an Indonesian Dark Post-Punk teen band from Jakarta, who bring intense passion and original talent into a music video release for the soul-stirring nostalgic new song “1983”, taken from their forthcoming sophomore album “Circa 1983” due to be released in April 2021 via German independent label Cold Transmission Music.

Following last Summers enticing 10-track debut “The Forgotten Lost Fragments” and revealing Interview with WL//WH, Camlann returns with the first lead single spinning ghostly atmospheric hums into tragic, wistful melodies and swaying synth swathes, cut in low ominous bass throbs with off-tempo metallic beats around penetrating heartfelt vocals, climbing and dropping in beautiful sensibilities to create a haunting love song full of longing for days gone by.

Romantic lyrics travel back to “1983” when angst, infatuation, and restlessness roamed eternally through a bittersweet relationship best described as a time “When we were both young, wild, and free.”

Camlann ignites the screen in 80s style motion with an edgy studio performance set against the electric flow of a twinkling city skyline.  Midnight mystery rolls across the asymmetrical silhouette of vertical high rise sheen and dimly lit nocturnal wanderings, while black transitions into a dramatic New Wave clad trio rocking intimate camera angles and Ony’s powerful voice to pull you, heart first, into a modern vintage affair.

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