WL//WH Video Of The Day: CALAVERX “Una Chica Más”

Video Of The Day Calaverx

A stalwart of the Mexican Punk, Garage, and Rock & Roll scene for more than 15 years, Mexico City-based artist Calaverx tips his hat into the New Wave/Post-Punk/Coldwave/Synthpop arena with an Official Music Video for the new single “Una chica más” via fellow independent label We are One Records.

Pumping mechanical dance rhythms sputter along with hypnotic, winding loops with cold, distant claps and oscillating bass pulses, while breathless, baritone male vocals rapidly release urgent anxiety into the sinister synth chime’s swirling menace.

Desperate lyrics fight the excruciating pain and confusion involved in a breakup of deceit and manipulation, wherein lies the tragedy of complete denial.

The haunting video alternates an expressive dramatic post-punk performance with an impromptu early Madonna-esque dance set, and a spinning ballerina doll to form a dizzying compilation of duplicitous fraud using smoke, mirrors, and human frailty. Computer bat colony overlays spiral through the wings of an abandoned bell tower, where an ominous grey/blue filter of death casts doubt and illusion over hypnotic displays of fanciful disassociation. Black and white geographic shapes form a retro backdrop against the pale porcelain skin with black lined eyes lying helplessly in the distorted and tumultuous visions of love’s lost shadow.

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