WL//WH Video Of The Day: CAFFEINE MIT COCAINE “The Eye Of Horus”


Caffeine Mit Cocaine is the one-man Electronic /Dark Wave /Psychedelic project of Grzegorz Kovalewski, a multi-disciplinary artist from Poland, whose media platforms use both sight and sound to stir the soul’s subconscious. An eye-opening video for the immersive and mesmeric track, “The Eye of Horus”, draws from the pop-cultural obsession and manipulation of the age-old symbol.

Contrary to the original healing and protective intentions behind the iconic symbol of “The Eye of Horus”, contemporary man has intentionally transformed it behind the elitist wall of spectacular secrecy known as the Illuminati to drive a wedge of inverted noesis over the metaphysical meaning of Egyptian History.

Ominous bass line pulses drive an intoxicating swirl of heart-palpitating steam-powered beats and urgent, warped icy bright synth strains to wander bewitched through a sparkling exotic stratosphere, swaying betwixt Middle Eastern-themed arabesque melodies and jolting stabs of spatial 32gb alarm, whilst dramatic manic declarations and menacing distorted echoes add a depth-defying rotation of surreal perception into the dancing mix.

A rapid influx of “eye-conic” imagery floods the mind’s eye of subconscious fear and desire with archaic Egyptian Archetypes. The paranoia-inducing video reveals an overwhelming presence of Ancient Egypt’s myth and lore in modern culture. The “Eye of Horus” streams through a plethora of media, advertisements, and architectures appearing on stained glass windows, the U.S. dollar bill, children’s anime, and cab doors to solicit unconscious thought and submission under an all-powerful antiquated ruler. An engaging interplay between a black-masked observer and a barrage of symbols, hidden in plain sight, spins ideology from occultic literature, hieroglyphs, and even aerial view arrangements into subliminal messages containing the ritual patterns used by a Masonic Designer to exert control, power, and even worship onto the masses of sheeple who remain transfixed, liked zombies by the Transmillenial spell of hypnosis.

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