WL//WH Video Of The Day : BUTTERFLIES ON PINS “Dedicated Consumers”

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Butterflies On Pins are a psychedelic post-punk band from London, made of the core trio of Ross Liddle (voice and lyrics), Katie Green (bass, other voices), Robert Alexander (guitars)  with the additional contribution Michael Petija (drums)

“Dedicated Consumers” is their brand new debut single.

“War dancing drums play industrial rhythms sprinkled with subtle hints of Teutonic electronics. Melodic bass lines crunch with grungey vigour and throb with dubby menace. Atmospheres are provided by guitars that shimmer, scythe, lilt and screech in equal measures. All is topped off with a booming croon drenched in drama and wit, this is how the band describe their sound.

It’s the perfect balance and the intensity of the clash of diverse sounds that stand out and impress right at first listen, cold and urgent as it is poignant an exciting, with subtle 80’s vibes along with 00’s dark indie feel, without ever being derivative.

Ominous and obsessive post-punk rhythms underlie swollen swells of shoegaze-tinged guitar reverberations and hypnotic psychedelic synth mists, permeated of relentless high tension and andrenaline rush. The emotionally detached, depressed, vocals scream in anger and disgust at the leeches in society.

Dark, disturbing and yet mesmerizingly beautiful, a truly impressive debut.

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