WL//WH Video of the Day : BRYAN’S MAGIC TEARS “Ghetto Blaster”

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Paris-based 5-piece Bryan’s Magic Tears started 4 years ago initially as the lo-fi DIY project of Benjamin Dupont (Dame Blanche) with the support by ex members of La Secte du Futur and Marietta from the ever fervent and creative French garage rock scene.

The critically acclaimed self/titled debut mini-album on XVIII Records released at the end of 2016, embodied the 90’s noise-pop heritage of Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, Yo La Tengo combined with the band’s lo-fi garage roots infused with psychedelic and shoegaze suggestions, disclosing Bryan’s Magic Tears as the most promising newcomer act of the French indie rock panorama.

The new sophomore full-legth “4AM” via independent label Born Bad Records, recorded in Rouen with Steeple Remove‘s singer and keyboardist Arno Van Colen on the production helm, oozes a more abrasive, cohesive and energic, albeit restrained, sound proof of a band constantly growing with a distinctive capacity to craft irresistibly catchy hooks and jagged melodies.

The slightly noisy, shoegaze-tinged “Ghetto Blaster” unfurls hazy, dense reverb-charged electric guitar strums, underpinned by a sturdy rhythm section, and permeated by edgier, fuzzier lines of sonic tension that resound with contrast and harmony accompanied by jaded, laconic yet sarcastic vocals. 

Taking a drive to blow off some steam a man reflects upon the nosey, annoying thoughtlessness of his significant other. He decides, despite her flaws, he loves her and can’t wait to go home.

The accompanied visuals are a hilariously sad portrayal of a man who is hiding his inner struggles of loneliness, isolation, and distorted identity by wearing a mask. Funny antics, adventures, and “hidden” clues bring an edge of mystery and intrigue with a surprise memorable ending.

Clever, witty and original with a humorous video that did not lose it’s depth!

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