WL//WH Video Of The Day : BRUTA NON CALCULANT “Gazoline”

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“Thinking is not enough. Nothing is. There is no final enough of wisdom, experience–any fucking thing. No Holy Grail, No Final Satori, no final solution. Just conflict. Only thing can resolve conflict is love…Pure love” (William S. Burroughs)

Every time I listen to the music of the French duo Bruta Not Calculant and all its related alias, comes to mind this words by the American visionary writer, I believe are an essential part of its own spiritual and mystical nature.

Certainly the stand-alone project with the most distinct personality over the current synth electronic panorama the project, started in 2006 by the former Le Syndicat Electronique‘s Alaxis Andreas G. with the gradual full involvement of his brother V-Y/Victor-Yann (aka Swesor Bhrater).

One of the forerunners of the return of minimal electro analogue synth sound with his late 90’s moniker Le Syndicat Electronique, speaking of which will be soon released a double album on Alessandro Adriani‘s Mannequin Records (check the new video here), and founder of the minimal electro/wave/experimental label Invasion Planète Recordings, he had a deep realization to be at the end of a cycle and, surrounded by fake imitators in full ‘electroclash’ revival, without any credit, decided to take a step back by withdrawing to an austere secluded country life, fully immersed in the nature, for 5 years.

Around 2013 the ‘needed’ return under the Bruta Not Calculant moniker with a new intriguing sound made of an organic and instinctive alchemy of minimal, mostly live recorded, analog electronics and dark industrial folk, launched with a self-titled 7″ EP, and since then five albums, the collaboration with Jarboe and a new label Hiératique Records.

The recent Spring Equinox was the best time for announcing the forthcoming split LP “BRUTA NON CALCULANT / SWESOR BHRATER” to be released on limited edition via the Bavarian label Body Volt Records.

The DIY video of the first excerpt “Gasoline” is a desolate US road trip, with Andreas wearing his usual ‘privacy protector’ face mask behind the wheel, over the ruins of the ‘unnatural’ modern individualist and consumerist urban society, sonically portrayed by a dark and hypnotic, slow pace, organic minimal electro cut emphasized by the menacing and somber vocals evoking a deep sense of inescapable powerlessness and gloom towards a world without ‘beauty.

Equally evocative and immersive is the new video by Victor-Yann‘s SWESOR BHRATER “Twist in the Blaze” shot in the Middle East interspersed with esoteric signs.

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Bruta Non Calculant . photo by Elena Pinaeva