WL//WH Video Of The Day: BRUIT FUREUR “Matriochkas”

WL//WH Video Of The Day    BRUIT FUREUR

Bruit Fureur is a Punk charged stripped-down and discordant, equally gritty and vibrant Noise Rock Poetry duo from Toulouse, South of France, led by Chris Rod (writing, vocals, co-composing) since 2020 joined by Marie Olaya (guitar studio, co-composer) and a bunch of precious collaborators such as producer Sam Deverell, whose first single/video “Matriochkas” builds anticipation for the March 1, 2024 release of the band’s debut album “Bruit Fureur” via fellow labels  Terre Ferme and Foudrage.

Stories made of sound and fury
Stories of exile
Stories of women

On the verge of an epic battle, an ominous droning bass bed quakes under swarming and highly distressed frenetic vocals, whilst menacing abrasive distorted guitar swirls, insistent tapping percussive hits, and desertic, Cooder-like sparkling melodies settle in an entrancing echoing outflow of poignant, soulful 6-string weaves and organic emotional cries, to stir the soul with the sound, fury, and comfort of our maternal bloodline.

Black and white visuals, shot over three days by Chris Rod, set a group of powerful hard-working women against a country farm backdrop in the Occitan region of Southern France to sync with the feminine-inspired soundtrack. Surreal flows of motion and strategic editing give pause to the bricklayer, carpenter, roofer, skidder, and technician skills of Malo, Alex, Élisa, Violette, Cathy, Pauline, and Cyrielle to inspire the viewer with newfound perception.

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