WL//WH Video Of The Day: BRUISES “Not Awake”

Video Of The Day  Bruises

More than two and a half years since the release of the promising debut EP, “Parallel Portraits”, Barcelona-based emotional-ridden noisy guitar pop 4-piece, Bruised, fronted by Chilean native, former drummer of Mono Azul, and now Budapest denizen, Sebastián Lozano, with the addition of three dynamic local musicians such as guitarist Genís Toral, who plays bass in Vetviolet too, bassist Carlos Ramos, currently also part of Urpa and Zephyr Bones, and drummer, former The Saurs, Alejandro Íñiguez Portillo, return with the brand new single, “Not Awake”, through Hidden Track Records.

Actually, one of the earliest demos, written by Sebastián, that he took with him from South America, with time re-elaborated and shaped by the whole group, is laced with conversational lyrics blending hot deception and cold denial into a fretful relationship memoir.

Deftly blending lights and shadows of fearful and pensive reverb-laden introspection, urgent, wistful guitar melodies weave anxious sparkling racing thoughts through the sinuous throbbing organicism of meandering bass lines and bouncy drum beats, whilst hazy pain-filled male vocals rush distant ingratiated cries of submerged emotional disharmonies, desperate longings, and exasperated wishes into a shimmering and intoxicating 6-string lead ebb and flow of depth defying nostalgic realms.

The visuals, by Amalgama Lab, utilize negative neon purple lights to extract repressed pain from a surreal tapestry of fear. Disconnected frequencies blur past and present timelines into an apparition of self-discovery at the hands of explosive memories. Dramatic inverted visions cast in universal symbols and flashing strobe effects draw vintage dreams from a parallel realm of hypnotic imagery to form a psychological suggestion drenched in counter-cultural chaos.

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Photo by Virág Tye