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Video of the Day Brotherhood

Longstanding Swedish duo Brotherhood started in Eskilstuna in November 2007, comprised of Stefan Eriksson and Micke Lönngren, continue to delve, with artistry and refinement, into the gothic rock heritage of the ’80s, developing and perfecting a distinctive dark, deep, melancholic and epic modern sound, honed in their own Spider Studio.

The band’s new album “In The Violet Hour” has just been released via PostGothic Records, on vinyl, CD and digital; 8 original, masterly produced, songs plus a cover version of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ “Loverman”, about ‘life and death, love and hate and how to set free and let go’.

“Fear” deploys epic resounding synth swells to introduce strong drumbeats and deep melodic pulsing basslines underlying profound dark baritone vocals laced with change, challenge and freedom, intesified by gothic-sounding energetic guitar riffs, effect-laden dismal, poignant soaring leads, whilst loud catchy vibrant male/female chorus pierce throughout to create hauntingly wistful soundscapes coated with elegant, shimmering obscurity to bewitch the listener’s soul.

A sermon is delivered about hidden fears rooted deep inside, and how they keep us enslaved and unable to put our best self forward. Imagine who you want to be? Is this your deepest fear? Or is it to be someone else. Once recognized, it can be removed and self-actualization can begin.

“Ask yourself:

Who am I to be?

Our deepest fear

Is the way we are?

To be one of them?”

An illustrious metaphor tying the song and visuals together.  A wedding, including a beautiful dramatic gown, rings of love, friendship, and honor a rich tradition brings a sense of unity and new beginnings. Scenic landscapes and epic cliff views swirl happily through an aerial shot of the vast moody sea, portraying the enormity of the situation. Shadows of interpretive dance allow for individual expression fostering a new identity without fear. A place where old memories are left behind and a path to newfound joy shines.

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