WL//WH Video of the Day : BRING HER “Curses not Promises”

Video of the Day   BRING HER

“Sorrow Wave” duo Bring Her based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after a self-titled debut EP at the end of 2015, is finally on the brink to release the long-awaited full-length via Black Verb Records / Phage Tapes Squall Rec.  The band play a distinctive brand of sombre darkwave, vibrant, cold and fascinating, defined by haunting and magnetic vocals over pounding and obsessive drum machines, penetrating guitar chords and eerie and harrowing synths, creating dismal and gloomy soundscapes brimming with mystery, sorrow and suffering.

Militant back beats and disturbed unruly synths introduce breathy sensuous combative vocals echoed by deep hypnotic bass undulations and obsessive bleeding guitar riffs interspersed with distant random metallic clasps, taps, and soothing space odyssey effects striking a counterbalance to the magnitude of chaotic tension above.

A song about sorrow, pain, and transformation. Tormented, confused, and ready to give up a woman makes a critical retrospection A mystical journey opens her eyes to a world she never knew existed. Armed and ready with a new belief system, skills, and awareness evoking a deep sense of self-empowerment that has only just begun.

The companion video, edited by Poison Point‘s Timothée Gainet, uses flashing, rotating imagery to dissect, elongate, and distort body features. Ominous shadows give disharmonious depth, form, and size furthering the transformation. A red filter creates an atmosphere of ritual, sacrifice, and doom. Beautiful costumes, makeup, and props enhance the singing, dancing and instrumental effects in perfect harmonious accord.