WL//WH Video Of The Day: BOY OMEGA feat. Maja Milner “In Love But Out Of Sight”

Video Of The Day BOY OMEGA feat. Maja Milner

After a five-year hiatus from a ΒΩ record release, Sweden’s multi-instrumentalist Martin Henrik Hasselgren AKA Boy Omega is back with a breathtaking new video for the heady blend of synthetic and organic instrumentation with evocative male and female vocal interplay of the first single, “In Love But Out Of Sight,” featuring the lead singer of Gothenburg‘s post-punk band Makthaverskan, Maja Milner, taken from his upcoming 8th album “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone. Take This”, a title inspired by the old NES-game Zelada, and scheduled for release on April 1, 2022, via Riptide Recordings (DE) and Moorworks (JP).

Lyric-wise “In Love But Out Of Sight” deals with a pair’s points of view that separately reveal the devastatingly painful process of letting go of a doomed relationship.

Hollow hypnotic backbeats and whirring low end frequencies drive nervous energies around the powerful emotional atmospheres of dual vocal harmonies, combining the agony and ecstasy of anxious male croons with sad breathless female cries and joined choral bursts of excitement, to fall exasperated through fluttering synth spirals, trembling heartfelt piano chords, and warm soothing brass expansions left soaring triumphant through the angsty shadows of fear.

Sprawling black and white imagery by Cottonbro captures the hearts of three youthful souls grazing through the windswept fields of destiny. Universal symbols ignite the mind’s eye of imagination with romance, innocence and beauty, to draw an unbound flow of time-lapsed invigoration over a surreal field of burgeoning dreams. Blowing winds drenched in majestic rays of sunshine and slow graceful dance sequences awaken secret desires to spin free, hand in hand, into a dawning horizon.

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Photo by Sara Meller