WL//WH Video Of The Day: BONDO “Egoizing”

 Video Of The Day  BONDO

Bondo is a four-piece Post-Hardcore / Slowcore band from Los Angeles, California that blends displaced tempos, fractured melodies, and sparse vocals into feelings of contentment, progress, and enlightenment.

Bands like Duster, Unwound, Acetone, and Fugazi line their arsenal of influences sprinkled with Jazz and Dub inflections, as they drop a bright outdoor video, directed by Bringo Riedel, for the introspective song “Egoizing,” a preview of their forthcoming 8-track debut full-length album, “Print Selections”, slated for release on February 24, 2023 via Italian independent label Quindi Records.

Egoizing” concocts a heady immersive instrumental tapestry by weaving multi-dimensional layers of twinkling, obsessive, and intoxicating guitar wanderings through a claustrophobic tunnel of heavy, humming bass lines, and skipping, running, and stumbling drum beats to form an engaging entanglement around minimal soft angsty vocals, introspecting on the ego amid life’s unyielding sways.

A scenic video by Bringo Riedel, starring Yocani Tonatiuh, captures a carefree stroll through a secluded urban hotspot to open inner doorways toward insight, independence, and discovery. Seemingly vacant cement-lined waterways carve a lonely path to freedom under an endless sunny sky, where unexpected treasures, friends, and thought forms set the stage for some timeless memories.

Bondo’s 8-track debut full-length album, “Print Selections”, is due out, in Digital & LP Vinyl 12″ formats, on February 24, 2023, already on pre-order via Italian DIY label Quindi Records and WordandSound.

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