WL//WH Video Of The Day : BODIES ‘Half To Death’

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‘Half To Death’ is the new single from the Canadian ‘bedroom rock’ four-piece, made of brothers Calvin (drums) and Tyler (guitars/vocals) Paterson, Jacob Bentley (bass) and Paul Shenton (guitar), Bodies from Victoria, BC.

A compelling warm swirl of sparkling and shimmering guitars interwined with the grooving rhythm section of bass and drums, the emotional dreamy vocals whines in disbelief and disenchantment ‘You can beat me half to death in my line of sight…/I could never love you…again’.

Songs like ‘Half To Death’ makes you more convinced than ever of the soothing power of pop music, as a catharchic exorcism of the the troubles of life, its own magical power of making you deeply feels those intense emotions, as love, melancholy, loss, regrets, disillusionments, gloom, and finally to come out better than you were before.

 After the last year very promising self-released debut album, another further confirmation of bright their talent.
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