WL//WH Video Of The Day: BLUME “Do The Same”

Video Of The Day  BLUME

Since 2015, Edmonton, Canada based Psych-Dream Pop artist and guitarist in shoegaze band Charcoal SkiesArthur Bennell, under his BLUME moniker, creates songs with a minimal approach combined with a DIY mentality. A stunning video for the immersive, ambient track Do The Same, first preview off the upcoming album “Synthetic Sounds For The Modern Soul” due to be released sometime on late winter /early spring.

A blooming and kaleidoscopic radiant infusion of shining guitar ripples that blink and tinkle unceasingly, to flutter with mesmeric glaring reverberating intensity, bustling with drone line expansion, while light tinny drops and subdued hissing frequencies whirl around dreamy, euphoric male vocals’ atmospheric release of organic quivering low vibrations filled with wonder and awe to form a sentient harmonium of breathless splendour.

Gentle relaxing auras awaken the senses with beautiful flora and fauna set against an endless blue backdrop that blooms in sync to the moody soundtrack. Fresh pink flowers sway in the gentle breeze, expanding their delicate petals under the glorious rays of the sun, engorging the life force energy from the Universe into a hypnotic dance of psychedelic breadth.

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