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Teetering on the fringes between shadow and light, Cape Town, South Africa based solo project of singer-songwriter Chelsea Ann Peter AKA Blue Vow draws from roots music, sombre ambience, distorted guitars, feedback and psychedelia, as can be listened to in the atmospheric track “Tombstone Eyes“, the second single off of Blue Vow’s upcoming debut album, “Sunfall”, due to be released on Friday, the 25th of February 2022, paired with the collaborative music video, produced by Ruan (Judy) Vos and cinematographed by Josh Rijneke,

This one is a little louder and will take on the form of an official music video. This song was written under the air of the full moon in March last year. I was taking a walk in nature and suddenly words began to surface with a rhythm behind them. I came home, found the chords with no name, and pulled out the rest of the song from that feeling. I’m excited to let it go.

“Tombstone Eyes” gathers inspiration from Einstein’s spooky theory of quantum entanglement to draw attention to the intangible connection that lies between all people and the destructive or uplifting effects inflicted from afar. 

The poetic lyrics call on the broken whispers of loved ones to invoke ceremonial healing from the primordial powers of wisdom.

Surreal Lynchian vibes blur narcotic sparkling guitar ripples, subtle reverb-dusted sizzling textures, hearty bass vibrations, and soft ritual beats into an immersive, sentient wax and wane under the magnetic pull of beautifully haunted female vocals, rising and falling in controlled cries of agony and ecstasy to fall breathless behind a translucent veil of latent, droning resonances and lulling piercing frequencies.

“Sunfall” LP cover artwork by @sabinavrooyen

Vast, stunning panoramic views unveil a hidden destiny etched in the timeworn countryside a long time ago. Slow ambient auras bloom majestic energy from broad, soaring hawk wings to fly free and alert over the endless horizons of a South African seashore. A lonely journey toward self-discovery unravels under cloudless skies, rocky ridges, and ancient footpaths to coalesce with the windblown dreams of fallen kings pulling shadows of doubt from a cathartic flow of lost fate.

Blue Vow‘s upcoming debut album, “Sunfall”, is going to be dropped on Friday, the 25th of February 2022

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Photo by @sabinavrooyen