WL//WH Video Of The Day: BLOODINWATER “Pure Devotion”


Irish cinematic Dark Synth-Pop one-man band based in Dublin, bloodinwater, has dropped a soul-stirring music video, combining scenes by Lacofilms Justinography, Piotrek Naumowicz, Ross Hillier, German Torres, Morten Lovechild, and Hans Peter Schepp, for the hypnotic atmospheric song, “Pure Devotion”, the third single taken from the forthcoming debut album “Delicate Remains.”

“Pure Devotion”, lyric-wise, looks to the spiritual realms of sacrifice, suffering, and reconciliation to find a comforting guide to traverse the deceptive energies of a secular view.

Sultry, airy, and enticing spirals of swelling synth flows, punctuated by steady rhythms and murky undulating bass lines, slowly sprawl in rousing, breezy, wistful drifts over an aching, emotional male vocal, battling to remain virtuous amid the longing echoes and burning passions of worldly desire.

The symbolic video blends ancient pagan mythologies with Christian iconography to form an evocative stream of consciousness wept in contrast, harmony, and beauty. A barrage of suggestive imagery, universal symbols, and dramatic lights and shadows malign the mind’s eye of religious indoctrination with witchy doom. Old school church scenery draws sentimental feelings of majesty, obsession, and solace from a subconscious chasm of endless ideals while dark ritual invocations layer tenebrous moods of temptation and fear over a struggling soul whose sacred vow vexingly hangs in the balance betwixt good and evil deeds.

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