WL//WH Video Of The Day: BLOOD RELATIONS “As This Darkness Takes Hold” (Official Video)


Blood Relations is the Gothic Post-Punk musical project created by Albuquerque, New Mexico-based multi-instrumentalist, film composer and experimental visual artist E.K. Wimmer, who gives a suggestive glimpse of the just released sophomore album, “Ritual”, a concept opus about “old world magic, demons and revenge”, with a collaborative DIY video with cinematographer Jason Smith and co-writer Cordelia Wimmer for “As This Darkness Takes Hold”.

“As This Darkness Takes Hold” elicits an array of conflicting emotions through the chimey resonances of an uncanny instrumental intro to quickly dissolve as a roaring thunder of aggressive pounding drum beats, heavy pulsing bass lines, and insistent scorching distorted guitar whirls, sway around beautifully haunted vocals, rising into an agonized distorted scream, then falling exposed into a surreal outflow of poignant reverberant keyed melodies, forlorn chords and sinister whispered echoes.

Seriously symbolic, intensely evocative, and deeply imaginative, the DIY Official Video collaboration is directed, edited, and co-written by E.K. Wimmer himself. A masked, pain-filled person dressed in plain organic attire carrying a burlap sac containing a grimoire, a dagger, and a vial of blood performs an elaborate ritual in the desert at sunset. As day shifts to night with the momentum of the soundtrack, a full moon now hangs precariously alone at peak illumination. The demon appears from supernatural mists and places two hands over the summoner’s heart, removing all care and humanity in sync with the lyrics. The masks created by Maria Rose eerily capture the tragic battle between childhood innocence and ancient Fateful evil, stirring the soul with deep sadness at the fulfilment of a dark bloodline destiny.

Blood Relations‘ sophomore concept LP, “Ritual”, is out now, on Ltd. edition 12″ Vinyl /Cassette & Digital, via the band Bandcamp.

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