WL//WH Video of the Day: BLOOD HANDSOME “Love Lost”

Video Of The Day  Blood Handsome

Los Angeles-based Kentucky-bred darkwave/post-punk revivalist Gerren Reach, A.K.A. BLOOD HANDSOME releases an Official Music Video for the eerie new single “Love Lost” off his brand new sophomore album “Rituals” via Cleopatra Records.

Steady off-tempo tinny beats incite an urgent pace along low throbbing bass line’s awakening doom, building depth and darkness with the lingering reverb and dire, echoing guitar strings that slowly bleed into the threatening synth pulse’s ominous buzzing haze of danger, as drastically distressed male vocals rattle adrenaline-fueled tunnels of hypnotic fear into the chilling cinematic atmosphere.

Mysterious lyrics examine a secret and the mixture of dread and excitement that drives the perpetuation of desire.

Take a hectic night walk through New York City’s “Little Italy”, as a drug-fueled lens casts blurry lights, neon dragons, and swirling dimensions onto the lively inner-city neighbourhood. Time-lapse photography sets an extreme up and down the pace while 360-degree angles combine with the colourful and unique character of the area, to create a dizzying array of subway cars, graffiti, and nocturnal human activity that pairs perfectly with the nightmarish innuendos of the track.

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