WL//WH Video of the Day: BLIND SEAGULL “Human Being”

Video Of The Day Blind Seagull

Kaliningrad-based, Russian trio Blind Seagull, since their beginning in 2015, show a unique knack for playing as concise and effective, as they are energetic and tuneful, utterly infectious guitar-driven post-punk hits.

In the same vein is the new tune/video “Human Being”. A brief intro composed of quick forebodingly dense kicks and high pitched arcane female vocal harmonies induce a trance quickly shaken by a loud frustrated male scream. Urgent and ominous needling guitar notes deftly pierce the emotionally charged atmosphere as deep, primal, guttural, male chanting evokes banality, confusion, and doom culminating with hard throbbing bass-lines, choir canting, and meticulous spellbinding guitar melodies doused in dire intensity.

A song about being human. Stark fatalistic lyrics explore the nihilistic school of thought on a quest to believe in nothing, have no loyalty, and no purpose but to destroy on a whim. Dark, vast, esoteric thoughts fill a mind fighting to hold on to something with meaning. After deep consideration the conclusion that life is nothing more than an extremely wicked and cruel act thrust upon us planned and conceived in great detail for a specific purpose; “And from the moment you awake, To moment where your nature gets the upper hand, It’s all atrocity.”

The wonderful companion “day in the life of” video begins with clear dissension as a man walks like a marionette tied to a control bar with a dazed look upon his face then screams loudly and breaks out in a raucous punk rock mosh. Blind Seagull’s play with melancholic angst dressed in stylish Winter garb, stoic looks upon their faces as a shift in momentum brings a hyper frenzied dance to the performance releasing some tension before their metaphorical emergence represented by the maternity hospital seen behind them. Their difficult journey continues through a typical Soviet school day, then takes them to a supermarket, “a symbol of existential horror one goes through growing up,” ending in a visit to the barbershop for a hair cut symbolizing a loss of life-power. An enlightening and treasured look into some of Russia’s cultural thoughts and traditions. Many thanks to Blind Seagull for their help and sharing!

A fresh and unique sound pairs ominous ritual chanting with fatally epic guitar-charged by the enigmatic lyrics, and tragic surrealism cleverly portrayed.

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