WL//WH Video Of The Day: BLANK PICTURE “I Feel You”


Since May 2021 the enigmatic Viennese Dark Wave / Synth Wave / Cold Wave producer known as Blank Picture has released a long string of mesmerizing instrumental EPs and singles, the latest comes along with a DIY video for the heady, atmospheric, and horror-flick soundtrack-esque “I Feel You”, via fellow independent label A-Dur Records.

Dark cinematic auras build an eerie mystery with relentless doomy droning bass undulations, eerie icy synth strains, powdery marching beats, and enveloping abysmal glaring swathes, whilst minimal baritone vocals declare “I Feel You” into a shape-shifting hallway of haunted cries.

Surreal DIY visuals sync seamlessly with the ghostly realms of instrumentation, using suggestive symbols and uneasy reflections to conjure inner demons of doom.  A cold, abstract, and disturbing fusion of psychological sight and sound that can help open locked gates of subconscious dominions, where shadow-self-healing occurs for those who dare to do the work.

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