WL//WH Video Of The Day: BLACK TAPESTRY “Prick”


Started in 2021, Black Tapestry is a genre-bending Synth-Post-Punk project, lost in the desertic lands of Sedona, Northern Arizona, instigated by longtime music companions Sisi and Ian.

The new single, “Prick,” is the latest in a series of track releases that will lead up to the scheduled next Summer’s sophomore studio album “Outside,” accompanied by a surreal video cradled in the Arizona desert, to give us an inside look at Black Tapestry’s thread into their homage to the texture of darkness.

The ominous and darkly Synth-Punk number “Prick” deals with making an important decision based on one’s personal worldview rather than going with the flow of peer pressure.

Sonorous discordant effect-laden guitar chords elicit a swelling warped flow of doomy keyboards, underpinned by metronomic punchy snare beats and buzzing bass tones, stabbed by agonizing distorted scratching riffs, sparkling wistful melodies, and high-pitched weeping leads, swaying with the cold lust, warm angsty fear, and impulsive shrieks of moody vocal frequencies.

The symbolic visuals shuffle up close shots of cacti under an intense desert sun and casual rehearsal footage with the unsettled temperament of the soundtrack. Strategic editing uses contrast-enhancing black and white photography, unfocused depth perception, and hints of prismatic accents to concoct a heady humid ‘heat wave’ effect in sync with insightful natural visions.

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