WL//WH Video of the Day: BLACK ROSE MOVES “Summer of Sorrow” (Official Video)

Video of the Day  Black Rose Moves

Black Rose Moves is Grant Leon and Mark Neat, a brand new Post Punk/Dark Wave duo from Birmingham, England, who promises to make us dance the night away in a valley of sadness, with an Official Video for the debut single “Summer of Sorrow”, building anticipation for the June 7, 2024 full release via Earache Records.

The band’s sound takes inspiration from the early works of The Cult, Sisters of Mercy, and New Order, with a dash of introspective power from Interpol and She Wants Revenge. Black Rose Moves doesn’t just echo their influences, though. They create a sound that’s uniquely their own, filled with driving basslines, assertive guitars, and dramatic synths. Grant’s haunting vocals linger long after the last note fades, leaving a lasting impression.

“Summer of Sorrow”, like a Gothic Romance, channels the desolation of a lovelorn soul who is pining away in the toxic ruins of a once beautiful love, driving an ominously resonant throbbing bass line, cut by thudding marching beats, through a restless immersion of piercing obsessive guitar needlings and abrasive metallic riffs, whilst deeply haunted baritone broods, sway from numb spoken words into tragic cries of “bloodstains on petals where passion once lay.”

Visually, sunglasses cover the eyes of a black trench coat-clad wanderer who strides with purpose through a rugged terrain of graffiti-strewn architectures and evocative urban murals, to gaze reflectively into the symbolic dark waters of emotional turmoil.

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