WL//WH Video Of The Day: BITUMEN “Out Of Athens”

Video Of The Day BITUMEN  

Melbourne, Australia’s Industrial charged Post Punk foursome fronted by singer Kate Binning, Bitumen return after 3 years since their acclaimed debut full-length, “Discipline Reaction”, with the razor-sharp gripping new single “Out of Athens” to announce their upcoming 9-track sophomore album, “Cleareye Shining”, slated for release on November 26, 2021, via Heavy Machinery Records, accompanied by a dazzling video created by Josh Watson.

Around the time we were writing the song my friend Dave (who is Greek) was telling me about this kind of secret beach outside of Athens he’d been to. He said there was this big glitzy nightclub kind of built into the side of a cliff and if you walked down these steps behind it you got to this like secret cove with this beautiful little beach and usually you can’t get to it but in the winter months the club is closed so you can just drive out there and go down to the beach. So I was imagining someone being in this beautiful special place, and feeling heady and in love and somehow catching this fish and turning around to show the person they’re fixating on this fish and seeing at that moment that they’re in love with someone else.Kate Binning

Urgent, energetic moods inflame searing and jagged frenetic guitar riff abrasion, and somber, obsessive scathing wanderings, underpinned by ominously bubbling and elastic bassline with steady, unshakable drum beats, into a tumultuous sway of brooding tensions around the sassy and caustic yet sensual female cries of intoxicating breathes, rising and falling anxiously into a relentless hot bleeding tide of hopeless desire.

I got obsessed by that lyric in the B52s song ‘Give Me Back My Man’ where she goes “I’ll give you fish/I’ll give you candy/I’ll give you everything I have in my hand” and how desperate and sweet and pathetic but also gross that sounded. So I was thinking about how love or having a crush is really beautiful and exciting but as soon as you realise it’s unreciprocated it just becomes like embarrassing and awkward and kind of gross and you want to get rid of it but you don’t know how and you’re just stuck with it for a little while, like standing there holding a big dead fish in your hands you don’t know what to do with. Which is a very tragic but also kind of funny image.Kate Binning

Lights, Camera, Action! Transfixing video by Josh Watson deconstructs a photoshoot into a multi-media performance drenched in glamour and defiance. Slinky, flashy wardrobe accentuates an evocative dance sequence with allure and panache whilst flashing strobe effects and a depth-defying, spacey backdrop cast dark, edgy retro-futuristic vibes over the extravagant soundtrack.

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