WL//WH Video Of The Day: BITTER FLOWERS “Tormented Visions”

Video Of The Day  Bitter Flowers

Chicago, Illinois based experimental atmospheric goth-rock new project Bitter Flowers, born out of former psychedelic doom duo Dead Dragon Mountain, made of Jacob W Essak (a.k.a. Terran Wretch and ex- Sun Splitter) and Anthony A Dunn, have just released a thought-provoking montage for the chilling track “Tormented Visions”, taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album I Don’t Sleep”, due out, cassette & Digital, on February 29, 2020.

Visualization of raw visceral perplexity unravels in the beauty of the very things that terrify us in an esoteric escape into the endlessness of life.

Slow treacherous humming bassline and obscure, esoteric deep synth washes blend with icy ominous guitar notes and light foreboding hypnotic drum taps, subtlety swelling into calmly unsettling atmospherics of tension and fear as tragic, hauntedly romantic vocals lament over human flaws unresolved.

Disassociated during an inner struggle with self-control leaves a man feeling isolated, lifeless, and disconnected from his past as sleepless, cold nights bring uncontrollable tremors searching for the warmth of a comforting hand.

Dali-esque black and white smudges blur smearing Rorschach inkblots clearing into murky reflections before sparse, falling stars reverse direction dancing back up through the hollow stare of bird nests with branched frowns with a human quandary. The moon eclipses a sad, fearful eye mirroring the skeletal limbs brittle with age as time-lapse photography speeds up the cosmos creating a primal instinct. Light hits the apex of rippled liquid forming geometric shapes split by static flashes changing form to smoke shapeshifting into clouds atop mountains reflected as fog in a rustic valley. Constellations multiply morphing into the night lights of a cityscape merging the infinite universe with the smallness of mankind.