WL//WH Video Of The Day: BILLY ZACH “A City In The Warm Rain”

Video Of The Day BILLY ZACH

We got acquainted in May 2019 (here) with the then Hamburg based DIY solo project called Billy Zach, and its infectiously powerful and dynamic mix of garage rock energy and post-punk gloominess.

The band, as a four-piece line-up, is back in the new year, linked with the fellow independent label La Pochette Surprise Records, with a brand new captivating single and accompanied video for the riveting track “A City in the Warm Rain”, to be included in the upcoming sophomore album “Struggle On”, scheduled for release in 2021.

“A City in the Warm Rain” unleashes ominously punchy drum beats that pound and seeth along with lurking bass line menace, rumbling beneath tightly vibrant, abrasive guitar riffs, cut through by blazed piercing 6-strings wails, to form an intricate murky mesh of achingly angsty intensity, enshrouding sleazy nicotine-stained male vocals that rise and fall in airy, lively indignation.

Not so politically correct lyrics unveil the disenchantment lying beneath the outer shell of society’s superficiality and the fear, lies, and sacrificial properties consumed by all who take part in the “capitalist spirit.”

An animated dark overlay strewn in cut out geometric shapes obscures the view from a busy cityscape, cast in warm red headlights on a rainy day at twilight. Mind-bending, spatial expansions erase and reveal small glimpses of the hidden landscape in dizzying 360-degree views, that blend bizarre split screen concoctions with convex light-reflecting orbs of rain, to blur reason and sanity into the puzzling mind’s eye of imagination.

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