WL//WH Video of the Day: BEZTI∆ “Espejo”

Video Of The Day  BEZTl∆ 

Hailing from Mexico City, 5-piece band BEZTl∆, comprised of Jhair Rodríguez “El Jaiba” (drums,percussions), Rodrígo “El Negro” Hernández (bass), Ren (voice and shouts), El Tona (Guitar) and David Axayacatl (Guitar), since 2009 experiments with sounds, taken from the immediate environment, in a constant search for the now indefinite is an evocation from our inner being, nahual, guide, seamlessly blurring the line between post-punk, psychedelia, folk and noise rock.

“Espejo” translates into the “Mirror” and represents the current situation we face while suffering in confinement, it metaphorically addresses the gradual (and increasingly accelerated) hybridization to which technological, computer and digital mechanisms inhabit us.

Hectic guitar bursts shrouded in piercing heavily reverberated distortion meander with a deep serpentine rubbery bassline and fast, steady punchy beats, as low ominous male vocals surge from ritual detachment to aggressive, angry shouts lit in a fiery, ringing drone to consecrate man’s battle between “the omen and the destiny, in the year of the flint, where life and death are debated in a field where, despite everything, we flourish.”

Esoteric lyrics question the authenticity and transparency behind the inner qualities and  motivations of modern man and the inherent relationship, chosen or applied with technology as seen from an omnipotent truth made of internal forces that exist through the past, the present and the future of a collective subconscious responsible for the balance and harmony between the forces of the Universe, and the Spirit (nahual.)

Fotos x Carlo, @onironavt @paisajesyluces

A thought-provoking and existential DIY video, set in the Post Apocalyptic setting of today, casts dramatic red and blue hues onto the lonely intimacy between a man and his computer. Obsessive, addictive tendencies consume a cyborg at the alien-like helm made up of recycled wastes, as horrifying references to our current masked times unravel.  Elements of secrecy, impending doom, and loss of identity simmer, culminating in an unsettling scene containing surreal iconography and graphic depictions of man’s losing battle with technology and his ongoing imbalance with nature.

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Foto: @_ferjauregui