WL//WH Video Of The Day: BEYOND BORDER (feat. ZOODRAKE) “Struggling”

Video Of The Day   BEYOND BORDER

Fresh from dropping the “SAINT” EP, the German Dark Synth-Pop project from Hildesheim, Beyond Border, comprises Michael Deiters (Music) and Kai Vincenz Nemeth (Vocals, Lyrics), doubles with the just released 6-track EP  “SINNER”, paired with the music video for the psychological opening song “Struggling” featuring Hilton Theissen from Synthpop act Zoodrake on vocals and guitar.

“Struggling” crackles and buzzes through grand bombastic and emotionally charged auras with ominous warbling electronic frequencies rising and falling with urgent, restless lyrical moods amid intense searing guitar strings, menacing obsessive bass line oscillations, and steady martial beats to catapult powerful, heartfelt vocal intensities through a cataclysm of spastic synth swarms, thunderous waves, and helpless daunting echoes.

The dramatic video by BB Productions creates a dangerous, supernatural backstory using enigmatic, thought-provoking imagery to elicit fear, disturbia, and obsession. Gritty urban underground tunnels hold the symbolic key for a lost soul, whose search for justice unveils a vast conglomeration of sinister occult forces. Shadowy suggestions of violence, ritual sacrifice, and retribution strewn with evocative hues and textures give way to a hidden gothic romance, where translucent kaleidoscopic portals merge parallel timelines of hideous strength into a soul-stirring narrative wrought by demonic possession.

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