WL//WH Video Of The Day : BETA EVERS “Predictions”

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Legendary South German dark electro-wave experimentalist since 1999/2000, Beta Evers, real name Brigitte Enzler, besides her memorable solo releases, was also part, over the years, of several collaborative projects like Black Pond, Black Spider Clan, Flying Bodies, Gedankenexperiment, Radikale Analog Fraktion, Zwischenwelt, as well as single collaborative tracks with various artists, and not least was the founder of Kommando 6, Bodyvolt and Venus Noir record labels.

“Predictions” was created in 2007/2008 in a shorter and more naked version. Just recently, in 2017/2018, she finished it by lengthening it and adding some instruments/sounds. The unreleased song will be included, along with the Bodyvolt remix of her 2003 electro classic “Only For My Satisfaction”, in the upcoming “The Devotion” EP, a very limited split 12″ with the founder of Discos Atónicos, Alienata due out July 2nd 2018 right from the Berlin based Discos Atónicos label.

Introduced by obsessive crispy beats and menacing and icy synth lines, that perfectly merge with strong, hypnotic bass and the distinctive Beta’s echoed, futuristic, whispered vocals, conveying confusion and uncertainty of what is real or illusory, leaving the listenener dazed and mesmerized.                 
The promo clip video for “Predictions“ in collaboration with Karl Koda of Radikale Analog Fraktion is about algorithms and patterns, studied and used by big business to sell us our lives. Every click of the computer, every swipe of the card, they are tracking our every move, and knowing what we will do next before we do.
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