WL//WH Video Of The Day: BELADRONE “La Flecha”

Video Of The Day Beladrone

From longtime players of the Spanish national alternative independent music scene come Sevilla-based band Beladrone, a fresh project started in 2018 by former members of Blacanova and Tannhäuser, Manuel Begines, Paco Arenas, and Iñaki García, with the support of Eduardo Escobar on drums.

Blending elements of post-punk, shoegaze and noise-rock, the band ‘weave an obsessive sound universe that deforms reality with memories based in distortion and a ton of noise.’ 

An Official Video for the single “La Flecha” taken from the forthcoming debut album “Andevalo” due to be released in 2020 via Barcelona‘s independent label El Genio Equivocado, has just been dropped.

Filmed in Huelva, El Rompido on the beautiful and isolated beach of La Flecha, the accompanying video clip, starring Brazilian-Hispanic poet and performer Adriana Schlittler Kausch and Alejandro Barranca Ferrer, a Trinidadian musician friend of the band.

A saturated guitar section creates layers and angles of both crystalline and distorted noise encapsulating a wide range of sonic nuances. Dark themes with moody atmospherics engage interest while thought-provoking cinematics gives substance to a stunning debut video. 

Urgent, vigorous guitar rhythms rapid strummings emit high, distorted needlings bleeding into an underscore of low throbbing, relaxed basslines mixed with relentless, obsessive, nimble drumbeats as glum, lonely vocals lost in longing and esoteric perplexity caress Fate’s tempestuous hand under an intense blur buzzing in melodious ringing reverb. 

The dramatic visuals, directed by Iñaki García and Paco Arenas and mounted by Alberto Almenara, interpret a day in the life of two moody mimes set against the backdrop of beautiful scenic city streets, lush tropical seascapes, and long, engaging shorelines. Subconscious desires refuse to die as a man spends the day playing, fighting, and reflecting with the special woman in his life. Visual disharmony between the stoic seas and sunny skies are reflected in the stormy emotions flying between the couple, leading up to an unforgettable showdown where a long-held secret reveals an inner world of torment and shame in an emotionally charged and misunderstood heartfelt ending. 

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