WL//WH Video of the Day: BAZOOKA ‘Prison’

Video Of The Day Bazooka

In 2008, Greek garage psychedelic punk rockers, based out of AthensBazooka began their extensive journey of touring, collaborating, and recording. Following the success of their debut S/T (2013) and sophomore “Useless Generation” (2016) full-lengths via Reno’s Slovenly Recordingscame a new partnership with fellow Patras’ DIY imprint Inner Ear Records, resulting in the 2017‘s EP “Ζούγκλα (Jungle)” and the recent LP “Zero Hits”, released last month. 

An ecleptic yet cohesive album that oozes urgency, intensity and passion throughout from a band ever-willing to experiment and push the boundaries of their own sound, while ‘returning once again to their roots, emphasizing the Greek verse.’ 

The 5-piece have just dropped the new videoclip for “Prison”, a well orchestrated and sweeping concoction of sinuous peppy and fast-propelling bass lines, tight pounding drums, eerie wind instrument licks and taut edgy guitars, set the stage for quick, almost loudly spoken defiant vocals filled with frustration, anxiety, and scorn reflecting off jittery discordant guitar riffs shift to high intensity hypnotic leads, fuelling the chaotic atmosphere of turbulent, upbeat fun laced with sarcasm and distress.

A song about freedom, control, and self-deception. Prison life filled with freedom, thrills, and free food is revealed to be an metaphorical world of fantasy and delusions. In reality a man is locked in a “mental cell” he constructed to protect his fragile heart and is waiting for somebody to, “Bite it and open it, I can’t wait no more.”

The accompanied video, created by Kick Ass Video Productions, is a comical parody portraying the sentiments held within the lyrics. Aerial views from a helicopter, brilliant acting, and warped red filters enhance the energy, intensity, and message of false freedom and self deception. Meeting in secret locations, the “hand off,” and being followed by the police are brought to light in an allegory of swapping cassettes.

A contemporary take on an existential thought using a parallel universe, eclectic sounds and instruments, and top notch acting uniquely enriched through parody. 

“don’t let you hinder by silly language barriers…‘it’s only Bazook ‘and Roll and you’ll like it!’

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