WL//WH Video Of The Day: BAUDELAIRE “Prayers”

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Wolverhampton, UK based up-and-coming collective Baudelaire draw from the bleak milieu of their native Black Country to explore the unlit corners of the human psyche with an eerie cinematic video, directed by Carl Battams and Matt Troman, for their wickedly immersive first single, “Prayers“, brimming with impassioned moody Post-punk intensity, recorded by acclaimed producer Gavin Monaghan (Editors, Robert Plant, JAWS, The Blinders).

Dark, dire dimensions forge agony and regret through a vibrant swirling riot of steady urgent drum beats along with relentlessly punchy bass throbs, and anxious, obsessive ringing guitar alarm to prey on the powerfully doomed emotions of angsty vocals confessing past denials, haunting behaviours, and dubious desires into an excruciating web of diabolic danger.

Atmospheric horror movie vibes elicit intense panic using universal symbols of fear, oppression, and pain to deliver a psychological video accompaniment by Carl Battams. A beautifully evocative performance depicts brutal imagery of being lost, bound, and bullied at the hands of faceless tormentors to disturb the mind’s eye of imagination with icy forecasts of subconscious doom. Eerie parallels betwixt modern society’s heavy mental oppressions and abstract historical atrocities run rampant as the forced compliance of a terrified soul by a mindless, masked collective gains momentum into a terrifying plot of suggestive violence.

Artwork by @carlbattamsphoto

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