WL//WH Video Of The Day : AVIARIES “Deaden Me”

Video Of The Day

The 2016 self titled debut album from Polish 4-piece Aviaries based out of Wroclaw, was one of my favourite of the year : dark, dense yet atmospheric, utterly sad and melancholic, blurring the lines between coldwave, post-punk and shoegaze with post-rock and noise undertones.

“Deaden Me” marks the more than welcome return of the band with the announcement of their sophomore full-length titled “There Is Nothing To Defend” that will be relesead as usual via Requiem Records.

What strikes immediately at first listen is the harsh and heavy industrial rhythm section, almost to underlines the band’s unique intensity and emotional weight, the synths are pretty much missing, the rumbling bass and the heavy, precise and hypnotising drumming lays the muddy harsh  foundation under sinister, wailing, reverberation-filled guitar riffs that build into a excruciating crescendo of post-rock guitar by the end. The haunted and depressed vocals seep through the sour, harsh and gloomy atmosphere of stark lonely isolation and depression, deploying all his deep despair and grief.

An immersive and striking first glimpse of what to come, can’t be more thrilled.

Check out the haunting video by Rafał Wekiera and Mark Magick where the lead character is so depressed that even his passion for art is muted. So heartbroken, he has to bury his photos and letters in a tomb of desperation.. The dark imagery of addiction, bordering on self mutilation and hints of suicide is one not soon forgotten.

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