WL//WH Video Of The Day : AUTOSUGGEST “Heron”

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Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Autosuggest is the experimental electronic pop solo project of Alec Mallia (vocals, synths, guitar), also on mastering duty for electronic acts like Flower Boy 卓颖贤 and Zefgirlclub.

After an excellent 5-track EP “Murmur” on Perfect Hair at the start of 2017 and the following appendix 2-track 7inch single “Chasing”, the band are unveiled the first preview “Heron” off of his forthcoming debut album “Tame Harm.”

Dark swelling ambient synths meld with the plunging and hypnotic, driving pulsating bass that bolster the sexy and pleading, yet possibly sneaky and deceptive Alec‘s vocals ready to challenge and overwhelm the senses. Funky sparkling guitar riffs and industrial-coated clashing rhythms heat up the mesmerizing luscious and lusty, yet irresistibly danceable, vibe brimming with broken promises and betrayal.

Going through ups and downs in a distressed relationship has one partner going through a gambit of possible outcomes. Convinced he can change, he begs her to give it another try. The end is a mystery left open to interpretation. Love or fiasco?

The accompanied video directed by Thom Muir, featuring footage from the live act’s Hudson Ballroom performance from earlier this year, uses flashing lights, shadows, and coalescing faces to create a dark disconnected atmosphere of temptation, allure, and sensuality. Hazy, dark, and quick shots Mallia along with the lyrics and thumping bass made me want to get up and dance! Hypnotic and enthralling…it will definitely “Make you smile.”

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