WL//WH Video Of The Day: AUTO SACRAMENTAL & ELBA “Fire & Quartz”


Galicia, North of Spain‘s Synth Wave /Post Punk trio Auto Sacramental, led by Madrid-native musician Jorge Mills (vocals, synth), and supported by Beta (bass, backup vocals), and Pedro Solla (guitar),  join forces with fellow Galician Avant-garde Pop artist ELBA  for the new collaborative single “Fire and Quartz”, a sample of Auto Sacramental’s forthcoming album “Diario de la Plaga” via Spanish label Ferror Records, paired with a bedazzling experimental video by Wences Lamas.

“Fire and Quartz” is a romantic Post-punk + Experimental Pop song with pagan Neo-Folk leanings, about vital changes — destruction vs. creation — and the magic and symbology that surrounds them.

The song provokes a mercurial swirl of spindly icy arpeggiated synth melodies and whimsical caressing celestial skies, opening a portal to a magical realm where splashing martial beats, swelling arcane epic tones, thundering guitar blows and somberly throbbing humming bass pulses, resonate and vibrate around an evocative interplay of sober heartfelt male and fragile piercing female vocals, rising into an emotional chorus of intense dual cries, with a lively romantic environ cursed and blessed by “Fire and Quartz.”

A stunning experimental video by Wences Lamas uses cutting-edge AI technology to create an ethereal dark mythology around Mills and ELBA, who manifest the epic cosmic battle between Eros and Thanatos expressed in the soundtrack. A vibrant, invigorating immersion of Jungian imagery such as angels and demons, spirit animal transformations, also delicate flowers and prismatic rainbows shapeshift freely with traditional life and death archetypes whilst bursts of glassy crystals and mother nature’s molten fury fight till the bitter end. “And, within all darkness, there is always a light, no matter how small. Or as the Smiths-nodding chorus says: “There is a light that will never go out.

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