WL//WH Video Of The Day: Аут / AUT “Русская хтонь / Russian hton”

Video Of The Day Аут

Blurring the line between Coldwave, Post-Punk and Synthpop, Russian one-man-band of musician Gleb Rostovtsev, based in Krasnodar, is back with the new single “Русская хтонь / Russian hton” (hton = uncharted deep self-awareness).

Peppy rhythmic drum beats stir up the action, as dire, urgent guitar melody’s quick abrasive riffs and needlings drive, along with resonant bleak rumbling bassline pulses, whilst intense male vocals breathlessly serenade, rant, and fragilely wail amid subdued synth skips struggle to reach purpose.

Esoteric lyrics try to delve into the depths of his native Russian identity, exploring the concept of ‘Русская хтонь’ (Russian htone), an unchartered deep self-awareness held within the soul wherein a conscious change is made to better one’s own behaviour and aspirations, despite the ease and comfort to stay idle and allow others to decide your fate.

The allegorical DIY video depicts the Earth’s abuse and deterioration at the hands of human carelessness via a post-Apocalyptic landscape littered with broken glass, tire piles, and suffocating dirty air. Black and white photography emphasizes the barren nature of the environment depleted of nutrients as a red neon filter distorts vision into a menacing haze of congested smog enshrouding an isolated guitar player’s frenetic riffing in vain.

Аут / AUT next Wednesday, April 8 at 19.00 (Moscow time) will play live directly from his Krasnodar apartment.

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