WL//WH Video of the Day: ARCHIE SAGERS “Through the Leaves”


“A Not for Profit, Artist-Run Label for Passionate Musicians” is always welcome and perfectly fits with WL//WH ethic.

Founded last year by Wiltshire, UK based musician, singer, and songwriter Archie Sagers, the small Crafting Room Recordings is gradually building a distinguished catalog delving into a wide range of genres varying from ambient, shoegaze, post-rock, dream pop, post-punk, indie-pop, jangle pop and new wave.

In addition to playing bass in the 4-piece Cosmic Lightshow, Archie is about to release his debut album, following his excellent debut EP, “Eligia”, at the very start of the year, which promises to be
‘his most fully formed and painstakingly crafted music to date and is as much infected with catchy riffs and melodies as it is with emotional moments, drawing from experiences over the last few years.’

In the meantime, he has just dropped the second single from it, titled “Through the Leaves”, along with “Nothing at All (feat. Baltimore at an Angle)” on the flip, a song that combines the driving bass lines of Peter Hook with the chilling guitar work of Robert Smith to provide plenty of post-punk energy, pulsating rhythms, and thought-provoking DIY psychedelic visuals filmed in the Wiltshire countryside.

Intense moods dance in emotional textures of deep throbbing bassline, swathed in abrasive reverb, flutter with steady punchy drumbeats, and a blistering web of bittersweet guitar melodies, around the dreamy soft vocals, floating gently in the swirling string-infused distorted haze.

Poetic lyrics capture an intimate moment left dizzy from the mystic force of nature as “wind shakes the sky,” “darkness set in deep,” and “ice froze the stars” to form a comforting daydream found in reminiscent bliss.

Pale scenic overlays swirl black and white dreams onto a gold flickering backdrop lit in ornate radiation sweeping a shape-shifting guitar pace laced with urgent tension into a kaleidoscope of geometric branches, splintering over shattered skies. Spinning shadows and somber suggestions cast doubt into the time-lapsed dimension, shining sun-drenched comfort through the hallucinogenic rays.

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