WL//WH Video Of The Day: ARCHIE SAGERS “Billy Pilgrim”


Following last year’s debut EP “Eligia,” Wiltshire, England bred Post Punk/Dream Pop musician, singer, songwriter (also bassist of Cosmic Lightshow), Archie Sagers has dropped his sophomore EP, “New Colours In The Sky”, created in his cramped university bedroom during the second and third U.K. lockdowns, to deliver his best songwriting to date.

The E.P. was written whilst away from home for the first time, telling the story of Archie falling in love and finding a new place to be from

An immersive DIY video for the mesmeric “Billy Pilgrim”, the closing, the shortest and seemingly the most intriguing tune from the EP, released via Archie’s very own Brighton based non-Profit, Artist-run label Crafting Room Recordings, consoles the distressed and intoxicating nuances of the soundtrack with simple aesthetic beauty.

Dire and intoxicating moods of twinkling guitar melodies weave high anxiety, urgent grooves, and ringing sparks through rapid pulsing bass lines, heart-skipping drum beats, whist airy numb male vocals, releasing racing thoughts into falling breaths of twisted fate.

Poetic lyrics explore life through a modern dystopic vision where a moment of motion shifts into a fourth-dimensional simulation, under the cold eternal skies of fear, change, and sentimental longing.

Fall, lavender sun angles draw skewed shadows of time over nostalgic country clips of vivid blooms, foliage, and rusted gardens. Hypnotic performance overlays transition subconscious forms of love, fantasy, and romance with gentle raindrops to blur sweeping panoramic views with sundried prisms. Enchanted woods carve an off-beaten path, travelling into a kaleidoscopic wonderland of spinning treetops, puddle reflections, and depth-defying dimensions to create a serene stream of consciousness swept in zoom lens and aerial flows.

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