WL//WH Video Of The Day: APPLESEEDS! “Anything Goes”

 Video Of The Day  APPLESEEDS!

Wandering over the years through an array of local bands, most recently the twee pop outfit Tampopo, the Danish duo Ditte Duus (drums, vox) and Kasper Clemmensen (guitar, vox), based in Copenhagen, have just dropped the 10-track debut album, “æblefrø”, via Brest‘s independent label Too Good To Be True Records, from their new Jangly Indie Pop music venture called Appleseeds!.

The LP was anticipated by the DIY video for the song “Anything Goes,” where the pair strive to capture the whim of a fleeting moment.

Reminiscent of The Go-Betweens’ “Cattle and Cane” with its arresting stripped-down incipit of a Hook-ish, subtly sullen, throbbing melodic bassline, meandering together with obsessive wandering shimmery strumming guitar melodies laced with somber reflective nostalgia, lilt by soft skipping percussions, to carry layers of heartfelt male/female vocal angst and ravishing celestial airs into a confusing upside-down world where “Anything Goes.”

Solid black and white DIY visuals catch a fun outing at the skate park whilst groovy rehearsal footage syncs seamlessly with the energetic flow of the soundtrack. Candid camera shots hone in on the friendship, smiles, and daring adventures of Appleseeds! to evoke comfort and warmth during these cold winter days.

Appleseeds!‘s debut album, “æblefrø”, is out now, CD & Digital, via Too Good To Be True.

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