WL//WH Video Of The Day: ANUM PRETO “Consequências”

Video Of The Day ANUM PRETO

Brazilian Post-Punk solo act based in Fortaleza, Anum Preto, is the alias of singer/songwriter Aerson Moreira, who combines the bleak gloominess of post-punk guitar chords and snaking bassline lines with the darkness and despair of gothic lyrics to form a poignant malaise lingering with 80s allure and charm.

The new single “Consequências”, via his own Miado Rouco Records, weaves oscillating sinuous pinpoint bass line that throbs magnetically under bleeding needlings of the sharp guitar pain, cut in steady punchy beats around melancholic male vocals’ raw, tremoring release of misunderstood vulnerability into the ringing, flashing atmospheres of fearful reverb and unrelenting remorse.

The confessional lyrics unleash a time of clarity, when deceptive practices and ritual habits fragment the comforting air of uncertainty into a harsh, undeniable truth with permanent destructive “Consequencias.”

Black and white DIY video draws an invigorating live performance, shaded in an array of muted emotional tones with intense facial expressions, while geometric shape overlays expand red and blue dimensions into the flashing frequencies of split-screen confusion, travelling along palm-lined streets time lapsed in fantasy. Intricate finger work spins impassioned eye contact into an inward rotation of negative light inciting a wavy sea of tumultuous line graphs extreme conical convergence, bursting into prismatic rays of energetic light reflection.

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