WL//WH Video Of The Day : Antiflvx : “So Weit”

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While pretty interesting bands from South America pop up almost on weekly basis, Colombian dark synth duo Antiflvx based in Bogotá, comprised of Leonardo Jaime (Lyrics, Vox, Programming) and Camilo Alfonso (Live Machines) have just released their debut album “Platonic Perspectives”, on CD/cassette/digital, via the Peruvian label InClub Records/Infravox Records.
Thirteen tracks of dark, minimal, hypnotic, drearily atmospheric at times harsh, yet hopelessly frozen, and gloomily melodic blend of coldwave and darkwave with sparse post-punk and industrial undertones, backed by hypnotic drum machine rhythms and bleak synthesizers, create a hazy and desolate atmosphere laced with profound nostalgia and melancholia refined by heartfelt intimate lyrics.

Teutonic-language song “So Weit” shapes itself around relentless pulsating EBM-isch bassline humming throughout and wavy thumping beats stretch time vibrating faster and slower. Soon drum machines clap, slap and tap with crisp top hat cymbal clamped, while frozen uncanny synths squeak in eerie high pitched horror behind dark, haunting, deep baritone melodies of love, longing, and union.

A seductively dark poem about never being alone despite someone’s absence.

The accompanied video shows ghastly figures dressed to the nines in a “dance of death” from Herk Harvey’s 1962 horror flick “Carnival of Souls.” Close your eyes and feel the beat to this far-out dance tune…see you on the darker side of dance floor!

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