WL//WH Video Of The Day: ANTIFLVX “Silueta de Luz (ft. Ambivalencia)”

Video of the Day  Antiflvx  

Bogotá‘s beloved hazy Dark Wave duo Antiflvx, comprised of Leonardo Jaime & Camilo Alfonso, return with a thought-provoking video, created by Camila Valencia (AKA Ambivalencia), a Colombian experimental/visual artist who is featured also on Vocals, for the foreboding, metaphysical, EBM-tinged new single, “Silueta de Luz”, via German independent label skyQode, a track about separation, chaos, and loss of meaning.

Cold, magnetic, and sinister aurae converge over steady lashing dance beats, relentless murky undulating bassline menace, and eerie icy bright, subdued synth swirls to haunt the dual vocal interplay betwixt bewitching monochromatic hues and ominous, trembling baritone revelations, fusing helplessly into unified breathes of fearful shame and surreal passion.

Black and white shimmery distortions configure alternate dimensions of disconnected emotions over the mind’s eye of insight to manifest a nightmarish vision of modern dystopic fate. Hypnotic strobe effects, negative light photography, and universal symbols of darkness construct a subconscious domain of embedded cyphers where an erratic flow of awareness fed by nanobots, ritual desire, and mind control project cloned atmospheres into a counterfeit reality. Under the skin technology explores the unseen realm of mass surveilled society by injecting pre-programmed helplessness, alluring yet selfish suggestions, and collective mental deceptions into lost translucent silhouettes of diminishing light.

ANTIFLVX‘s new single “Silueta de Luz (ft. Ambivalencia)” included also an, as usual, driving remix by Colombian EBM /Dark Electronics DJ-producer Felipe Novoa AKA Magnum Opus.

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