WL//WH Video Of The Day: ANOTHER ABYSS “Liminal Space”

 Video Of The Day  ANOTHER ABYSS

One of the newcomers of 2022 with a couple of interesting EPs, Another Abyss, the elusive moniker of the Wave / Post-Punk one-man band from Ludwigsburg, Germany was still in time to end the year with a late single, “Liminal Space”, the first fruit of a recording session with a 60-year-old guitar, taking us to a ghostly place of desertion, emptiness, or perhaps transition. Technically, a liminal space evokes the feelings one might have in a closed school during the Summer, the stairwell of a parking garage at night, or in this case a fading memory caused by the loss of a loved one.

The immersive track captures the tragic, alienated moods by weaving poignant guitar strings through a numbing undertow of throbbing Post-Punk bass lines, soft heart-skipping beats, and distorted shivering synth strains, whilst aching, heartfelt vocals agonize in a dark haunting maze of loneliness and regret.

High-contrast DIY visuals help fill in the blanks of the storyline by giving a peek inside a personal catharsis where old, hate-marked love letters line the wall and a hopeless shuffling of photos from a keepsake box takes hold. The focal point soon turns to the semi-chipped black nail polish of a musical magician’s hand, who seamlessly shifts vintage instrumentation in tandem with the nuanced textures of the soundtrack. Manifests, with fascination, the dark emotional journey of a wounded, bleeding heart.

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