WL//WH Video of The Day: Anna von Hausswolff “The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra”

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Unique and amazingly talented Anna von Hausswolff from Gothenburg releases her new Dead Magic record album on February 2 via City Slang. A singer, songwriter, organist with a very personal and dedicated style oriented by medieval high church organ musings, drone experimental streams, and obviously by a bit of darkwave arrangements too. On January 17 she let out the brand new official The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra video, a stunning and very imposing song followed by that spooky curse on footage, created by Maria von Hausswolff, and starring Siri Wigzell and Anna von Hausswolff. The song describes a most hideous scenario, with her vocals taking the song to a more terrifying level, her singing is simply astonishing, and all these work as the perfect music score for the video and the result is simply striking!




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Written by Loud Cities Mike