WL//WH Video Of The Day: ANDROMEDA “Recomeço | Resumption”

Video Of The Day  ANDROMEDA  

Breath-taking Brazilian Dark Wave duo Obi (music) and Jackie (lyrics, vocals) drop a beautifully intoxicating DIY video for the metaphysical song “Recomeço | Resumption”, taken from their freshly released third 5-track EP “Melancolia.”

“Recomeço | Resumption” finds comfort in the notion of paying off one’s debts to move on to the next realm of existence, yet broods in an agony of fear and impatience while longing for the world to end.

Soul-stirring atmospherics merge airy warm, serene synth washes with somberly organic chugging bassline throbs, steady, hypnotic beats, and deep, emotional female vocals caressed by swirling curls of brittle icy bright twinkling hope to form a snuggly blanket of comforting textures left waiting under the pensive wings of a helpless melancholic drift.

The dramatic video, created by Obi & Jackie themselves, captures an introspective performance set against a historical backdrop of a decaying cathedral to harness the mystical energy of our lost ancestors. Ancient crumbling architecture, skewed, surreal camerawork, and Gothic, witchy wardrobes enhance the stoic spiritual moods of the soundtrack with an intoxicating visual acuity. Gloomy rain-slicked foundations and dusky crepuscular skies seamlessly depict the timeless lyrical realm of limbonic yearning whilst evoking an eerie calm of hanging in a precarious disharmony betwixt dueling dimensions of light and dark forces of wisdom.

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